Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Wolf In Red's Clothing

So I was wrong:  Dr. Whale isn't the wolf.  Many of us thought he was, as he is always leering at Ruby.  I still do wonder who his Fairy Tale character is, and my guess is that it's a pretty nasty character, unless he's sort of a red herring and totally not who we would ever believe him to be.  But this isn't about the good doctor, or is it? 

I believe the writers either change the original cast of characters, or make it up as they go along.  Change?  Yes.  They have proven that they want to make sure we don't know what is going on.  Yes, they wrote "Lost" and they want to make sure we don't forget that.  They will do what they want, when they want, even if it makes absolutely no sense to the story. 

Everyone loved Sheriff Graham (I still don't know if that's his first or last name, and as far as I know, no one ever called him anything other than Graham) so they couldn't have us loving a character, and since many of us guessed he was from Robin Hood (either the Sheriff of Nottingham or Robin Hood himself), the writers killed him off, took him out of the picture.  I don't think that was the original  intention of the show.  Perhaps they killed him off so they could bring in August Booth, and we can't have two men fighting over Emma, can we?

Last week's fiasco of dwarfs hatching from eggs was, well, one of the most ridiculous premises they have created.  I just can't get over the stupidity of it.  And now, Red is the Wolf.  I'm not going to berate them too much over this, since it wasn't too far of a stretch from the original tales, but I am not really happy with this scenario either.

I was sorry that Peter was sacrificed, he was cute and sweet and I admit I would like to have seen more of him, but sacrifices must be made, and why not the cute guy as opposed to the innocent girl, right?  Woman power!  :)  Nice that his name was Peter, kill two birds with one stone, eh?  Get  it?  Peter and the Wolf.  Haha so funny, tough luck there, Peter.

So Granny's last name is Lucas, a reference to wolves, they are clever with the names.  Although, unless Red's mother never married, Red's last name is not likely to be Lucas.  And Granny called Ruby "Eliza."  Did anyone else notice that?  I've read in other forums that it could be a reference to Liza Minelli, and how drag queens often dress and perform as Minelli, and not Ruby's name, but who knows.  I found it interesting that while Ruby always dresses provocatively, at the end of the episode, when she realized where she belonged, she was dressed more normally and had little makeup.  I think she looks much better without the makeup, and I hope she keeps that look.

Ruby found the box which contained the heart.  It looked like the same type of box in which Regina kept Graham's heart.  Does the heart belong to Kathryn or someone else?  I think that it's possible that the box was once owned by Snow White, or that she at one time held it or opened it (they lived in the same castle remember) or that it could have belonged to Snow's father. I have a technical question about fingerprints, though. If everyone was sent to Storybrooke, when did they submit their fingerprints? Regina controls everything, could she have changed the names on the fingerprint cards? Or at least changed the results? She's pretty computer savvy and changed the phone records, so why can't she have changed these as well?

I don't believe David or Mary Margaret hurt or killed anyone.  I believe it's all Regina.  Is David's amnesia a result of being a wolf as is being suggested by others, or a totally separate event?  If Regina can cast spells, did she  put a spell on David?  I realize it's out there, but is it possible that area of the forest is on the edge of Fairy Tale, and David was sort of between Storybrooke and Fairy Tale, in limbo?  Just a thought.


  1. The writers have said in interviews that they had planned for Sheriff Graham to be killed. It wasn't done because viewers started guessing who his fairytale character was. Keep in mind that filming happens far in advance before it airs.

  2. I am not one to say that I'm always right, but the fact of the matter is that we don't really know what their original intentions were. I am writing a blog, not a biography, and I am allowed my thoughts, feelings, and theories, just like everyone else.

    They did, in fact, alter the Fairy Tale identity of the sheriff. I will address this in this week's posting.

    I am well aware of the production lead time, but it's probably not filmed as far in advance as some might think.

  3. Your blog, your opinion, you are correct. I just felt the comment section was for comments from viewers. I had recently read an article where the writers said their intention was to get you to fall in love with Sheriff Graham to add to the tragedy of losing him. I'm aware of the "original" plan to make that character, Robin Hood, but the change in character had more to do with copyrights, permission, etc.

    I was just trying to provide some additional information. That's all.

  4. I will concede that this MAY have been their original plan, to kill him off. BUT that is their public statement. What goes on behind the scenes might possibly be different. It's possible the writers didn't reveal all their plans to the cast. It's possible they waited to see how the show was going before making concrete decisions. No matter what they stated publicly. And unless you are one of the writers, you don't actually know for sure.

    I do welcome thoughts from viewers. I do want interaction. I prefer a discussion rather than me just spewing out my thoughts. I just don't appreciate someone trying to make me look stupid. You didn't say "I think," you stated as if it were concrete, and it isn't that simple. So, yes, I am defensive about it. I actually have worked in the industry, and what you see isn't always what you get.

    As to the Robin Hood thing... read this week's post.

    I do hope we can all still be friends.


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