Thursday, March 29, 2012


I liked this week's show, but it left as many questions as it answered.  The nod to Jefferson Airplane was a nice touch.  (Alerted to me by a viewer on the official chat.  I would never have made the connection otherwise.)  Jefferson as in Airplane, Grace as in Slick and "White Rabbit" being their hit song.  Kudos.   I also noticed a sidetrack.  When Grace was having the tea party with Jefferson, she was playing with the white rabbit and a tortoise, as in the tortoise and the hare.  Cute.  In Storybrooke, Grace's name is Paige, but her last name is Grace.

Jefferson told Regina he had lost his wife to his work, and he's the "hatter," so that makes me wonder, was his wife Alice?  Or someone else in another story?  And why was Henry so puzzled when he was reading the book?  Is it vastly different from the version we all know?

Emma, don't drink the tea!  You should know not to take food from a stranger. (Shaking my head.)

Have you noticed, in many places in Storybrooke, the wallpaper is of trees/woods?  Granny's Diner, Regina's office, and Jefferson's room where Mary was tied up.  Even in Mary's classroom at school, there was a tree with leaves on the wall.  Not that it means much, but just an observation.  As for the wallpaper in most of Jefferson's house, they managed to incorporate hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades into the design.  Gotta love the details.

I love that Jefferson remembers everything.  I wonder, though, will Emma actually start to believe?  She told Jefferson that if the book was real, Mary was her mother and she wanted to believe that, but I don't think she really believes it, not consciously, at least.  I do think she is starting to, but isn't there yet.

If there are many worlds, I am curious, will each season of the show be in a new world?

Having Roger Daltrey as the Caterpillar was wasted on three tiny words, which were whispered and barely audible anyway.  A fair amount of hype over three words.  (Again, shaking my head.)

I have a question about the timeline in Fairy Tale. If Regina killed her father and cut out his heart in order to enact the curse, how could the Queen of Hearts find out and steal the heart, then Regina find out where it is, find Jefferson, steal the heart back... all before the curse was enacted? Because she had to have gone into Wonderland before the curse was enacted.  Technical issue there. I realize time is sort of irrelevant in Fairy Tale, but I still don't see how all this happened in the time given.  Unless a different curse had been placed on her father prior to Regina killing him.  It's a bit confusing to say the least.

And how did the Queen of Hearts get possession of Regina's father or his heart?  What connects them?  Some speculate the Queen of Hearts is Regina's mother.  I wonder if that is true.  It sort of makes sense.  After all, Regina collects hearts as well.  We'll see.

Does the hat work?  Did Jefferson fall into it?  Maybe Emma really is powerful beyond what they know.  On whose side is Mr. Gold really?  I think he is playing Regina, and that him giving Mary the key was a test for Emma.  How far will she go to save Mary/Snow?  What is she willing to give up or risk for her?

Somewhere I read that the curse hasn't been broken by Mary and David's kiss because the curse was intended for someone else.  Some have suggested that Regina has to find her true love in order to break the curse.  Others suggest Mr. Gold must find Belle.  But I believe it's Emma.  And I don't think she must find her true romantic love, either.  I think she must learn to love Mary/Snow and sacrifice for her, and that will end the curse.

And lastly, even though he wasn't in this episode, I seriously wonder if August is Baelfire.  Some have suggested it, and I think they could be right.  After all, the stories in Fairy Tale usually involve Rumpelstiltskin, and who would know better than his son?  Just something to ponder.


  1. I wondered the same thing about Alice being the Hatter's wife. That would be an interesting twist.

    As for the timeline, I think the Queen of Hearts stole Regina's father's heart prior to Regina killing him for the evil curse. I believe the scene in Wonderland happened well before Regina started her plans to launch the evil curse. Basically, I see it as her father died twice.

  2. That's what I wonder about. It seems like that's what happened. It's weird to say the least. :)

  3. I don't understand what was so confusing about the Queen of Hearts story. The flashbacks all happen WELL before the curse. Nowhere in the episode did they say the Wonderland story was supposed to be happening right before the curse. The flashbacks tell us the fairy tale history of each Storybrook resident, not necessarily the events leading up to the curse. And it not mentioned why the Queen wanted the heart, for now it is just a MacGuffin.

    And the white rabbit and tortoise were probably NOT references to the tortoise and the hare as much as they were references to the white rabbit and the Mock Turtle from the Alice and Wonderland stories.

  4. Nowhere have they given a timeline as to when Regina went into Wonderland. You may be right, it MIGHT have been long ago, but we have no way to know when at this point. I've watched the episode four times at least, and I'm sorry, but no reference as to time. It could have happened days before the curse or years before. We simply do not know.

    I disagree, there is no MacGuffin involved as to why the Queen (Did you mean the Queen of Hearts?) wants the heart, or whatever was in the box. For all we know, it was something else, even a very tiny shrunken-down Henry, inside the box (which, given that the food in Wonderland can make a person grow or shrink, is quite likely). We assume it was a heart, but we don't know for sure. The Queen of Hearts wanted the contents of the box because she wanted to possess it and do with it as she pleased.

    Grace clearly said "tortoise," not turtle. Have you considered the possibility that it could mean more than one thing? I've noticed more and more references to other fairy tales and stories that seemingly have nothing to do with the story at hand.


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