Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Stench Of Rotten Eggs

I have to confess, I'm having a hard time writing this week's blog.  Usually, I have so many thoughts and theories that it's hard to wrangle them into a cohesive statement, but that's not the case this time.  I am overwhelmed with the feeling that the writers of the show think we, the viewers, are stupid and gullable. 

I love the show, haven't missed an episode, even created this blog to honor the show and spread the word about the show.  When the writers led us in strange directions, such as the story that James/Charming isn't really a prince by birth (when there wasn't an apparent reason for it, other than showing he's humble?), I figured they had a plan and I trusted that they knew what they were doing and that eventually it would all make sense. 

This week, the writers showed us that dwarfs (the correct plural of dwarf is dwarfs, not dwarves, by the way) are hatched from eggs, and that they are not really human and are not capable of human emotions such as love.  This is where I am having trouble because I have so many thoughts and feelings about this disgusting episode.  I realize the show comes from the creators/writers of "Lost" but this isn't "Lost," and I think perhaps the writers of this episode should actually get lost.

I can't get past the idea of dwarfs hatching from eggs, full-grown men (no females), with beards and intellect, speaking as if they were actual adults...  Quite frankly, it's just bizarre and it shows the writers believe us to be stupid.  It has nothing to do with real fairy tales, and I am angry that they imply that dwarfs or little people are less than human.  I am livid about this.  And there is absolutely no reason for it.  If you are disgusted by this, you should write to the show and let them know how you feel about it. 

Part of me is so disgusted that I want to stop watching the show, but I do still love the characters and stories, so I'm torn, what do I do?  Keep watching or give up my favorite show?  I suppose I'll keep watching for now, but I'm just so disappointed.

Please, writers, don't do this to your loyal following.

As to the rest of the show:  Does Emma really trust Sidney to give her the phone records, or did she also get the real records on her own?  I think she believes David and knows he didn't do anything to Kathryn, even if she doesn't quite know what did happen to her.  I think this because of the way she spoke to Regina about the leads in the case.  It's hard to believe that Emma trusts anything that Sidney or Regina says or does.  Did she take in David in order to show Regina that she's doing something in the case even if she knows he didn't do it?

One of the chat postings this week suggested that the tall thin man with the carrot was Bugs Bunny, which is certainly creative, but I am sure the thin man is Jack Sprat, and not a cartoon character sent into Storybrooke.  After this week's far-fetched episode, I think anything is possible, even if it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Next week's episode will be about Red Riding Hood/Ruby.  I think this could be a good one and am looking forward to it.  I still maintain (since "Snow Falls") that Dr. Whale is either the wolf or some other letcherous character, and perhaps we will find out who his Fairy Tale character really is, as he is included in the cast list for the week.


  1. It surprised me that Belle was in the tavern in this episode speaking of lost love. That would lead me to believe it was post Rumple but I have been under the assumption that the Evil Queen had locked her up as soon as she left Rumple's. Having a little trouble following the timeline on some of the stories.

    I agree with you that the emotionless dwarfs from eggs story is wrong. I don't get terribly wrapped up in being politically correct, I just think it is stupid and doesn't fit well with the portrayal of the dwarfs in real fairy tales. Did they not love Snow White?

    I also did not like that the blue fairy is portrayed as somewhat of a mean girl. Again, doesn't fit the original stories. Same as you mentioned earlier about Prince Charming being a liar in Storybrooke.

    I still love the show but wish they had stayed true to the characters I have always loved.

  2. I agree with you 100%, and you brought up a great point that I missed: Didn't the dwarfs love Snow White?

    I said it before (here or somewhere else) that the timeline is really strange in Fairy Tale. It did appear that Belle was in the tavern after she left Rumpelstiltskin, but she could have been ... more ... dreaming of finding love also. Is there a definite timeline, or is time arbitrary in Fairy Tale? Did most things happen almost simultaneously? Sometimes it seems as if time doesn't really exist there.


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