Thursday, March 22, 2012

Heart of Darkness

Last week's and this week's episodes have been much more satisfying than in the previous weeks.  It seems the remaining episodes for season one will be good ones.  Jennifer Morrison gave an interview recently (see previous post), and what she said made a lot of sense and gave me comfort in knowing that Emma's seeming naivety is really that she is stuck without her usual resources, and is learning better how to deal with Regina (implied).  Things are getting better, or at least much more exciting, and Ms. Morrison stated the show is like a roller coaster, it has slowly been climbing, and toward the end of the season, it will make it's way over the top and come speeding down the track to the season's conclusion.

I have to say, I liked Red using her wolf to keep the guards from James.  Nice touch. 

As I suspected, the box in which Kathryn's heart was found did belong to Mary Margaret, and apparently Regina (or Sidney?) stole it, and planted the knife in Mary's apartment.  I think it took real courage for Henry to take the keys from Regina's office, and for the first time, it seems Emma might actually be starting to believe his story.  At least a little bit.  August is starting to show his true self, and led Henry back to the book, and the keys.  I am liking August more as the season moves forward.  I'm a woman, and I admit it, I think he's hot.  I can't wait until we find out who he really is and why he's there.  Other than being there for Emma, that is.

Both Rumpelstiltskin and Mr. Gold told Snow/Mary, "I'm  invested in your future."  I am guessing that has to do with Emma and her being "More powerful than you know."  Those statements seem to have much more meaning than what is seen at first glance.  Is Emma more than just the breaker of the curse?

David remembers part of the past, but sadly doesn't realize what it means, or that it was in another time and place.  He has lost much of what made him great as James/Charming.  How much damage will it do to Mary?

A technical issue that bothers me:  If it was snowing and obviously cold, why was the Evil Queen traveling on horseback?  Shouldn't she have been in a carriage?  Unless the point of the matter was that she wanted to parade in front of everyone?  Or that somehow Rumpelstiltskin got word to her that she should travel that way?  Just a thought.

After James jumped in front of the arrow, Snow said, "No one has ever been willing to die for me before." To which James replied, "No one you can remember."  So someone was willing to die for her in the past?  I suspect her mother.  And on the April 1 episode, Barbara Hershey makes a guest appearance as Cora, Snow's mother, so we should get to see this storyline soon.(My mistake.  Too sleepy while writing.)

Who left the key to the jail for Mary?  Henry seems an obvious choice, but how?  Or was it Emma?  She probably had more opportunity, and perhaps this gesture is part of what she meant when she asked Mary to trust her.  Did Regina leave the key, knowing Mary would use it and "prove her guilt?"  Or did Mr. Gold somehow do it?  Will we find out?  When she opened the cell door, I was almost yelling, "No, Mary, don't do it!"  But she did escape, and that can't be good for her case. 

I knew there was a reason for Rumpelstiltskin to need Snow's hair, and it now seems sort of obvious, but I didn't suspect that combining Snow's and James' hairs would result in a love potion.  I like wonderful surprises like that.

I am very much looking forward to the upcoming episodes.  The Mad Hatter should be fun, learning why the Evil Queen hates Snow should be enlightening, and seeing Snow's Regina's mother should be satisfying interesting. (My mistakes corrected. Oops.)

(I'm sorry for posting so late in the week.)


  1. What did August do to the book? I though I saw him dipping it in water and then sewing pages into it? Also I though that the evil queen had the book. Did he steal it or have a copy?

  2. They haven't said specifically what August did to the book, but he had pages and was dipping them into water or some liquid in order to age the new pages. We don't know what he changed or added, or even removed, though. Nothing has been stated about the changed content.

    He put the book into a metal box, perhaps the box the book had originally been in, left it near Emma's car, and stood watching to make sure she found it. Henry and Emma now keep the book under lock and key in the filing cabinet in the sheriff's office, so Regina can't find it.

  3. Cora is Regina's mother, not Snow's.

    1. Yes, and I've already corrected my mistake.

  4. Interesting theory, but keep in mind that Snow did not forget her mother. She forgot David. Snow even talked about her mother in the episode when she tells the knight (the one she stole the armor from) that the home the Evil Queen would be traveling to was built for her mother. And I'm not sure James would know about her mother's possible sacrifice.

    Personally, I think James was referring to himself. Since he was the one she forgot when she took the potion.

  5. I didn't suggest Snow forgot her mother. It just seemed an odd way for James to have worded it. Like a very carefully worded and somewhat cryptic statement, as if someone had been willing to die for her at some point in the past.


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