Thursday, March 29, 2012

Robin Hood?

Going back to the beginning of the series, people have had all sorts of ideas on who is each Storybrooke character's Fairy Tale counterpart.  It's been fun to see who is right, who is wrong and some have definitely come out of left field.  I love even the far out ideas.  It shows people are really thinking about it, and who knows, sometimes the far-out ideas can turn out to be the correct ones.

From the first episode, I thought, and posted on the official website, that I believed Sheriff Graham was supposed to be the Sheriff of Nottingham.  Many thought he was the Huntsman and many thought Robin Hood.  Of course, for reasons known only to the writers, his character was changed to the Huntsman.  Some have speculated that the reason for the change was because of legal rights.  Even if some people involved in the show suggested that might be the case, it actually wasn't true.  No one owns the rights to Robin Hood, as it is a folk tale.  Robin Hood's story has been around for hundreds of years, well before the Grimms even.  Just to clear up that misconception. (As I've done before.)

But who was his character supposed to be from the start?  No one has officially stated, but I found on a blog recently, (blog) which gave a wonderful insight, and an annoying obvious-but-missed-by-most suggestion: 
The Sheriff of NottinGHAM=Sheriff GraHAM
OMG.  How could I have missed that?  It seems so obvious when you see the visual comparison.  So, I stick by my original statement:  Sheriff Graham was supposed to be the Sheriff of Nottingham (before they changed who he was.)

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