Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Poisoned Apple

I usually watch the episodes at least three or four times before writing the blog, but I'm kind of winging it today, no notes, just mostly thoughts and ideas blurted out.

The producers have stated that one of the major characters will die in the season finale, but I don't think it's going to be Henry.  For one thing, the poisoned apple doesn't kill its victim, it just puts them into a deep sleep.  We know that Snow White was awakened by her true love's kiss (from Charming), but since Henry is a child, he has to be awakened some other way.  I think he may be saved not by true love's kiss, but by true love's sacrifice.  The love of his mother.  I don't know that Emma is much closer to believing the truth, but I think somehow she will sacrifice herself for Henry, and will break the poisoned apple curse.  Will Emma survive?  I'm not laying any bets either way.  It's possible to wake Henry from his curse by Emma sacrificing herself, and also to break the Big curse that's keeping everyone in Storybrooke, sort of killing two birds with one stone.  This show is just so enigmatic, it's hard to know anything for sure until we actually see it, and even then, things can change.

Someone on the Official Chat asked about Jefferson, and how he got back to Storybrooke after falling into his magic hat.  They stated he was last seen in a room full of hats, so how did he get back to Storybrooke without his hat?  My answer to this is:

He didn't fall into HIS hat necessarily. I think it was the one that Emma made (not sure on this though).  In that last shot of him becoming mad/crazy, his hair was longer, so it was in the Fairy Tale past. And we don't know that he actually fell into the hat, we just assume he did. Someone could have saved him possibly or he fell into a bush or something. We didn't see him land.

After he was left by Regina in Wonderland, she took the hat, so she's always had it apparently.

Many of us still wonder what will happen when the curse is broken.  Who will go back, who will stay in our world, etc.  Mr. Gold was planning a trip out of Storybrooke, and I suspect he knows where Baelfire is, and he needs to go retrieve him before the curse is broken so he can bring Bae back to Fairy Tale with him.  I don't see what other reason he would have to leave Storybrooke at this critical time.  Does Mr. Gold know the end is coming? 

Emma still owes Mr. Gold a favor (after she insisted Mr. Gold allow Ashley/Cinderella to keep her baby), and I wonder if repayment is coming soon.

Graham/Huntsman, Belle, and Maleficent will all be back in the finale, so that can open up many possibilities.  One thing I am certain of:  We will be left with a cliffhanger.  We know they are planning a second season, and they want to make sure we all come back to see what happens.


  1. That was rather good for “winging it”. Once Upon A Time has become one of my ‘can’t miss’ shows, although the other night I actually did miss ‘An Apple as Red as Blood’. Luckily, a coworker at Dish reminded me of dishonline(dot)com, which is a free website with an enormous list of shows and movies to stream. So I ended up catching up by watching it on dishonline, during my lunch-break. And wow, it was the best episode of the season so far; I can’t wait for the season finale and I’m biting my nails to see which character doesn’t make it.

  2. Thanks for the compliment. I'm lucky, I guess, since I have OnDemand TV and watch the episodes over and over as much as I want. Helps with writing a blog! I agree, this was a good episode, and I agree, I'm on the edge of my seat wondering who lives or dies. :D Sunday night just can't come soon enough!


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