Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lying In Wait

I've seen people comment on the Official Chat that we didn't learn much from this week's episode, but I think we learned a good deal, and specifically things we need to know.  So now we know that August is Pinocchio, and many of my suspicions were right, or darn close.  I say that not to brag about my genius, because mostly I read others' ideas and expanded upon them, but just to say it's nice to know I'm on the right track once in a while.  I'm usually the last to know, and this is a nice change for me.  :)

We learned about Pinocchio and Emma's entry into our world, and how he lost his way.  I can't say I blame him for leaving the house of those horrible people, even if he had to leave Emma behind.  What would any seven-year-old have done?

I am most pleased at Mary Margaret and Henry standing up to Regina.  They are those "YES!" moments we all love.  Mary has come into her "Snow White-ness."  I loved when Regina said, "Is that an accusation?" and Mary said, "Yes it is."  (Or something very close to that. I didn't write it down.)  I loved when Mary Margaret said, "I forgive you."  To someone who's trying so hard to hate Mary, that is a really difficult thing to hear.  But it shows us that Snow/Mary is the kind-hearted person we all love, and it helps to diminish Regina's power over her.  Bravo, Mary Margaret!  Then David refused her advances, which shows he's becoming much more the Charming we know from Fairy Tale.  Those things are making her very angry, and add to it the fact that Emma has taken Henry, and she is going to blow her top. 

I think Emma's fierce denial that it's her destiny to save Storybrooke, and her disbelief is a mask, and that she really is starting to believe it's all true.  I think that may be a big reason she wants to leave town with Henry.  Of course once Regina finds out Emma has taken him, Emma can as much as kiss Henry goodbye, since it amounts to kidnapping.  She's just scared and what does Emma do when she's scared?  Run away.  I am not so sure Regina will find out, though.  Henry may convince her to stay, and I do hope that he does.

August is truly his father's son, fixing the latch on Mary's door, helping to fix the clock.  It was sweet when he finally went to Marco and asked to be his helper.  Tears in my eyes on that one. 

I wonder what will happen once the curse is broken.  Will everyone go back to the same place and time in Fairy Tale?  Or is it 28 years later?  If it were right after the curse, then Emma would still be a baby, and no Henry would have been born.  Will Emma, August and Baelfire go back to Fairy Tale?  They came to Storybrooke by means other than the curse.  So can they ever go back at all?  And what if Emma goes back?  What will become of Henry?  Can he go, too?  He's never been there.  The Huntsman/Graham will be in the finale, which makes we wonder, if the curse is broken, will he live on in Fairy Tale, even beyond the curse?  Jefferson will be in the next episode, so does that mean we will see into Wonderland?  Or some other land?  We don't know where he went when he fell into the hat.  These are all things I think about.

I can't help but be a bit preoccupied with what will happen in the next two episodes.  We are at the top of the roller coaster and we are going to drop fast.  So far there is no information about the finale, so we'll have to just wait and see what happens.  I avoid most sources of spoilers, since some are wrong and I don't see any reason to dread the death of a beloved character any longer than necessary (learned that lesson with Graham).  Just hold on tight, scream if you need to, and enjoy the ride!

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