Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Last night's episode was full of information. We now know for sure that Regina is the Evil Queen in both Storybrooke and Fairy Tale, and that she knows exactly who she is. But I don't think she knows who anyone else is. And Rumpelstiltskin has known all along who everyone is. I have felt all along that he likes living in Storybrooke more than in Fairy Tale, and isn't in a huge hurry to get back to his real life. He still has the power he always had and in Storybrooke he is the man in charge, despite what Regina would have the citizens believe. I believe Mr. Gold is more likely to try to take down Regina, since she knows, not only who he is now, but that she orchestrated the theft of his most prized possession, the chipped cup.

The official chat asked:  "Will Rumplestiltskin ever find true love?"
I think he will, but there is the issue, if he does find true love, the spell over him will be broken and he will lose his powers. So even if he finds Belle, his choice isn't so easy. After all, all magic comes with a price and the price of true love might just be his magic. A viewer on the official chat said he will find Belle and true love only once Regina has been stripped of her powers or vanquished. I think that is a very reasonable assumption. And just for the record, I never believed he was evil. Most characters, at heart, are not who they appear to be.

The curse is weakening. We saw Sean propose to Ashley, they are finding their happy ending in Storybrooke, and we already know Mary Margaret and David are on their way to happiness.

Oh, and Regina mentioned to Rumpelstiltskin something about a mermaid. So will we be seeing Ariel soon? Looks like.

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