Sunday, February 12, 2012

Random Thoughts

Some things that I have been thinking about the show: 

If Emma can tell when people are lying, how does she fall for Sydney and Regina's antics? Does she really fall for it? Or is she getting their guards down? When she broke into Regina's office, she seemed to me to be acting a bit too casual and she wouldn't have been so ... willing to break in, if she weren't pretending.

I was watching last week's episode, and realized that the Evil Queen's name in Fairy Tale is also Regina. The king introduced her to the Genie/Magic Mirror/Sydney and called her by her name. So I think this is telling us all we are correct and that Regina is the Evil Queen in both Fairy Tale and Storybrooke, and she does know all and holds everyone under her spell. 

Is Sydney/Genie the genie from Alladdin?

According to (Eion Bailey's page), the Stranger has a name: August W. Booth. Whether that is his Storybrooke name or his Fairy Tale name, I don't know, but I'm guessing Storybrooke since we don't yet know if he has been to Fairy Tale. Some viewers think his name is a reference to John Wilkes Booth, but I think that is a stretch. Some speculate that the "W" might stand for Wilhelm, and that the Stranger is named after one of the Grimm brothers, and is a decendent of one of the Grimms. I think that is more likely than the John Wilkes Booth theory, since after all, what would J. W. Booth have to do with fairy tales? In any case, we may have to wait a week to find out (as of this writing).


  1. I keep seeing post that Emma has this special power about being able to spot a liar. My thought on this "power" is she told Henry this so he wouldnt lie to her. He is a child and they would fall for something like this, I dont think she meant she really had it.

    1. I wonder about it. In her job as a bondsperson, she needed to be able to read people, so I haven't figured out if she meant it literally or more figuratively... Or that she just says it to make people think she does have the power. I dunno.

    2. I agree, Anonymous. I think she said she had a super-power to get Henry to tell the truth. She is a skeptic, after all. So that's what I thought; it's not a super-power, but a skill (not infallable though, as we saw in Mirrors).
      Thanks for the blog, Cooky!

  2. Thank you all for finding the blog and helping to make it better. I like the feedback! And I'm so glad you all are enjoying it!


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