Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Once Upon A Time

If you are reading this, you are probably a big fan of the show, "Once Upon A Time."  Many of us are almost obsessed with it and at the end of each episode we are on the edges of our seats and can't wait another week until the next chapter.  On the official chat feed, I've read some really interesting theories and ideas.  There have been some really whacked out ideas as well, and a lot of junk, including multiple posts, and the dozen or so people who always seem to ask, "When is the next episode?" or "Why isn't the show on tonight?"  So to avoid all the junk, I decided to create my own page with my own ideas and I hope that the hard-core OUAT posters will find my page and we can have a lot of fun and interaction.  Let's watch some OUAT and have some fun!

Oh, and this blog is a work in progress, so bear with me.  If you have info or ideas, please let me know.  Thanks for coming and welcome to my blog!

The question posted on the official site last week was:  "What will be Regina's next move against Emma?"

I think that's a good starting point.  I posted this as my answer:  "There a lot of possibilities as to what Regina will do next. Probably something none of us can imagine. Although Sydney did record her having a drink, and could allege that Emma is an alcoholic. Or, as another viewer (obsessedwithOUAT) said, she might expose Emma's lie about Henry's father.

I am wondering whether Emma realizes her mistake in trusting Sydney. She supposedly can tell when people are lying, so did she believe Sydney was really helping her, or did she know all along that he was working for Regina and is letting them think they fooled her so they will let down their guard?

Did anyone else notice the look on the Stranger's face as he pulled the book from the locked box? He knows what it is, or at least that it is important. He took it, so he's seen Henry put it in the hiding place. He didn't accidentally find it. He went looking for it. Is he the writer? I'm not sure if it was something he said or just a feeling from what he didn't say, that the story can be re-written. 

I also think Mr. Gold will help to make Emma's life horrible until she agrees to form an alliance with him."

What do you think?

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